Stainless steel sheet manufacturing is a process industry in which S.S. flats is prime raw material of different quality and rates. They are send to Hot rolling units for hot rolling of different sizes and for proper 16 gauge material.

Precision Roll Grinding

Thus giving even heat and increase the surface finish of sheets. All mill rolls are grinded on precision grinding machine with proper chamfering after first shift operation

Roughing Mill

16 swg hot rolled material is annealing in cold rolled annealing furnace and after pickling in different acids it is send Roughing Mill. Roughing mill dose the process of gauge reduction to about 20 gauge after passing through it no of times.Annealing is done on a 70 feet long gas fired furnace with ceramic roll and 11 burners.

Finished Sheet

These sheets are again annealing then sent to straighting machine for straighting and pickling in acid and send for packing according to size and quality. Thus required 22 gauge final sheets obtain. Similarly if 26 gauge sheets are required, one/two more finish process is repeated and then packed.

Annealing Roll Furnace

There 20 gauge roughed sheets are again annealing and pickled in respective acids and send to mill no 2 for finish rolling.

Pickling Washing

All sheets are pickled in different tanks. And also sheet dried on brush roll machine before dispatch. This surface finish is maintained.

Inspection Section

Inspection is done at various stages. By experience staff keeping proper control overall internal process viz rolling, annealing, pickling, treatment of waste etc. All mill rolls are grianded on precision grinding machine with proper chambering after 1 shift operation.

Admin Office

Spend acid is collected in collection tank and primary treatment is done on it in pollution plant. Rough edges of sheets are cut before packing.